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    4 February 2020 Comments (0)

    What is concentrate ??

    Today, the word concentrate is widely used in animal and poultry feed, and then in the food industry. The literal meaning of concentrate is compressed, and any substance that has rich and compressed compounds of one or more types of substances is called concentrate. For example, in poultry concentrate, the concentration of amino acids and vitamins and minerals is high. Concentrate (French: Concentrate) is a form of substance that most of its major constituents or solvents have been removed. Concentrate is usually formed by taking water from a solution or suspension, such as taking water from a juice and turning it into a powder or extract.

    The term concentrate is also used in animal feed and is a food for animal feed. Concentrates in animal nutrition contain all the materials needed for animal fattening and contain more than 7% of protein and 18% of fiber.

    The concept of concentrate in poultry feed is different from that in livestock feed. Poultry concentrate contains only micronutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, calcium, and so on.

    The benefit of concentrate production is that by removing the water, the weight of the food is reduced and therefore it is easier to transport and less expensive. In addition, the concentrate is easily restored and consumed when consumed by adding solvent (usually water).

    In this method, essential oils or extracts are prepared from fruits, and by mixing this essential oil with sugar and water, they prepare various juices.

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